HARAPAN GE15 Action Plan

HARAPAN is determined to rebuild Malaysia from the rubble of devastation brought about by overlapping crises across multiple sectors such as healthcare, employment, food supply, and education.

For more than 30 months of the Barisan Nasional and Perikatan Nasional administration, their uncoordinated policies and leadership have worsened the rakyat’s burdens. They continuously ignored the challenges faced by the lost generation, while social disparity, and the climate crisis continue to spiral out of hand.

HARAPAN’s vision is to build a Sustainable, Caring and compassionate, Respectful, Innovative and Prosperous Malaysia based on mutual Trust (SCRIPT or MADANI in Malay). 

HARAPAN Action Plan outlines our dedication in forging the efforts of change makers who wish to shape a brighter future for all Malaysians through the achievement of the three following goals:

  1. We Can Safeguard the Welfare of the People – Generate balanced and sustainable economic growth to protect the Rakyat’s holistic wellbeing.
  2. We Can Govern with Integrity – Restoring confidence and fostering trust between the Rakyat and the government.
  3. We Can Prepare the Nation to Face The Future – Empowering the Rakyat in facing whatever challenges that will arise in the future such as climate change, racial unity, education reform, and so on.

We can build a Malaysia for a New Generation and once more we can achieve victory together for our beloved nation!

#KitaBoleh #MalaysiaBangkit

Addressing Cost of Living Issues

Ensuring Food Security

Eradicating Poverty

Strengthening Worker Protection

HARAPAN Homes For The Rakyat

New Economic Opportunities for Youths

Our Youth, Our Future

Future-proofing Technical and Vocational Education and Training (TVET)

Humane Economy

A Brighter Future for Our Children

Empowering Women and Supporting Families

Living Comfortably in Our Golden Years

Enhanced Support for Persons with Disability (PWD)

Combating Corruption

Reinforcing Institutional Integrity

Defending Democracy and Promoting Free Speech

Protecting Media Freedom and Promoting Free Speech

Health Reforms

Broadening Internet Access

Enhancing Public Transport Connectivity

Educational Reforms

Disaster Resilience

Environmental Protection

Sustainable (MADANI) Economy 

Spurring Industries

Empowering MSME & Entrepreneurs

Advancing Sports Economy

Development of National Creative and Culture Industry

Protecting the Well-being and Ensuring Competitiveness of All Malaysians

Safeguarding the Rights of Orang Asal (Sabah, Sarawak, and Peninsular Malaysia)

Bridging the Developmental Gap between Sabah, Sarawak, and Peninsular Malaysia

Empowering Sabah & Sarawak through the Implementation of the 1963 Malaysia Agreement

Decentralisation of Power to the Regions of Sabah & Sarawak

Solving Issues of Foreigner Influx in Sabah

Creating Job Opportunities and Attracting Investments in Sabah & Sarawak

Greater Democracy, Accountability  and Participation at All Levels Of Government

Digitising Government: Empowering Service Delivery and Reducing the Burden of Civil Servants

National Security

A Respected Malaysia On The Global Stage