Digitising Government: Empowering Service Delivery and Reducing the Burden of Civil Servants

In the era of ‘data is more valuable than oil’ in today’s digital world, the Malaysian government under Barisan Nasional is still operating under the attitude of ‘government knows best’. Such an administrative culture is not only outdated but also affects public trust and investors’ confidence in Malaysia.

HARAPAN’s philosophy is different. The new policy direction should give priority to open data as default, digital by design, open government and transparency to build a data-driven public sector.

Access for All

Access to the entire administration via smartphone. Efforts need to be consolidated for all counter services (JPJ, Immigration, and others) so that the people can get instant government services without having to queue for long periods of time.

Standardisation of Public Services

Streamlining  overlapping or redundant procedures with the aim of reducing the workload of civil servants. This step will also make it easier for people to deal with government departments.

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