Living Comfortably in Our Golden Years

The current average life expectancy of Malaysians is 70.8 years for men and 75.6 years for women. With the age of retirement being set at 60 years, senior citizens will live for another 10 to 15 years without employment and source of income. Without enough savings, Malaysian senior citizens will face the risk of financial troubles during their lifetime.

HARAPAN is dedicated to solving this issue, especially due to the fact that Malaysia is now an ageing country. We can overcome the risks of financial troubles and prepare a comfortable life for Malaysian senior citizens.

Elderly Friendly Schemes

Formulating schemes that are elderly friendly. This would encompass Jom Shopping vouchers worth RM100, funeral coverage worth RM1,000, and Jom Travel which will prepare free buses to help senior citizens visit local tourist destinations.

Free Public Transportation

Free public transportation rides for senior citizens, improving on the current policy of offering 50% discount.

Senior Citizens Act and Active Aging Policy

Enacting a Senior Citizens Act and emphasising the importance of Active Aging Policy.

Elderly Care Allowance

Legitimising the role of elderly care which are following international standards and allocating special allowance for caretakers as well as financial incentives for M40 and B40 families that care for their elderly family members.

Elderly Care Centre

Enforce the building of elderly activity centres or elderly day centres in local development plans and local authorities development plans.

Incentives and Targeted Assistance

Tax exemption incentives and financial assistance to employers that train and employ senior citizens.

Automatic Citizenship

Automatic citizenship for elderly (60 years) Malaysian citizens that have at least one child who holds Malaysian citizenship.

Agency/Department for Senior Citizens

Establishing an Agency or Department for Senior Citizens which will focus more on safeguarding the welfare of senior citizens and solving issues faced by them.

Restructuring of PERKESO

Restructuring PERKESO to include the Elderly Protection Scheme to ensure that senior citizens will have a safety net even after retirement.

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