Development of National Creative and Culture Industry

World history has shown us that great civilizations are also champions of developing their creative culture. Malaysia is rich with arts and culture thanks to the variety of races and traditions found here. A cultured Malaysia is one that celebrates its diverse creators, creatives and artists.

Starting from an early age, children must be given the chance to learn instruments, create art, and expand their creativity as part of their developmental growth path. At the same time, artists and those in the creative industry must be given full support to further the national arts and creativity agenda.

National Creative Industry Policy

South Korea is an exemplary model that has made full use of its arts and culture to introduce itself and its products to the world. This has led to a massive development in their overall economy.

As a melting pot rich with diverse ethnic cultures, Malaysia has the potential to offer unique works of art with regional and global appeal. To fulfil that potential, a Special Task Force will be established to conduct comprehensive research on the direction of our creative industry as a catalyst for national development involving FINAS, ASWARA, SENIMAN, and other stakeholders. This National Creative Industry Policy will be drafted in a holistic manner to support music, film, and other creative arts by reflecting the uniqueness of our arts and culture including the ethnic groups of Sabah and Sarawak.

Filming Hub

Transforming Malaysia into a filming hub to give a positive impact to our service industries and local economies.

Artistes’ Welfare

To safeguard the welfare of artistes and industry players in the long term, a social security system for these groups will be reinforced.

Establishing Independent Film Board

Establishing an independent, professional, and transparent film board that will comprise industry members, artists, and members of civil society who have the proper credentials to regulate films and improve existing structures.

Streamlining Licensing System

Amending the licensing system and legal framework to reduce undue stress inflicted upon local artists. This includes obstacles to creative capacity leading to spaces for arts and culture no longer being given freedom.

Creative Culture Fund for Schools

To encourage more pupils at the schooling level to delve into arts and creative processes and also promote arts and culture as an educational tool by allocating funds for cultural training.

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